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A huge detailed map of the world that has dle design by Marie Montessori showing a hemisphere centered on the Pacific Ocean. Thanks to the map, children discover interesting relationships and connections.



Large map suitable for creative work of children not only in Montessori school. Suitable for telling Big Stories. It is an invaluable tool for presenting key lessons.

Younger children can put flags, labels, animal models, etc. on the map. Older children use it for their discovery trips and presentation.

Because the world map does not contain labels, it isolates children's focus on the shape of the earth's surface. The map encourages children to explore: What is the highest point in Europe? What is the deepest place in the ocean? What mountains separate Europe from Asia?

The map also serves children very well to verify their knowledge and is especially useful in connection with the school atlas. It allows children to work together in a group, on a large area and mainly to discuss, which meets the developmental needs of children in the period 6-12.

In the order you will receive:

  • Montessori world map 200 x 100 cm

  • Worksheet color A3

  • Montessori world map download in PDF

  • Outline map of the world for download in PDF

The map is printed on a plastic sheet. It is very durable and resistant materialwhich withstands the increased load and is recyclable. The map includes press studs for hanging in the classroom, or you can easily roll it up after use. It is possible to write on the map with an erasable pen of the Pilot brand. Also suitable for outdoor teaching.

Tips for working with the map, we are gradually adding to our BLOG.

Made in Czech Republic.

Weight 1000 g of
Dimensions 200 x 100cm
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