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  • Montessori world map


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A unique educational map of the world as we know it from geography textbooks. During the lessons, teachers appreciate the detailed representation of mountains and rivers, as well as the underwater relief. Because the map is unlabeled, other contexts stand out that otherwise remain hidden. It's great to have a map always at hand when teaching.

We offer you a map of the world without labels, with perfect tasteful color, which also offers a detailed and accurate model of the terrain. The map is great for creative work with children. Tips for activities can be found in our BLOGwhere we’re still adding more activities.

The map has a size of 200 x 100 cm.

Detailed shaded relief image includes submarine relief. The world map is printed on a plastic tarpaulin (100% PES). It is a very durable material that can withstand the increased load on children. The map can be hung on the eyes and is also intended for outdoor use.


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Dimensions 200x0.3x100 cm
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