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The product is currently unavailable, we apologize. Compare the size of continents. You will find yourself in the dizzying heights of mountains such as Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro and compare their power with our Snezka.

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Embark with us on a journey of discovery around the world… Rivers, mountains, mountains, deserts, ditches and ocean depths, islands, continents - over three hundred geographical terms.

You will discover mysterious islands from Greenland to Sumatra. You will be able to follow the rivers and compare their lengths. The caravan will take you through the desert. Compare the height of the snow line from the pole to the equator. You will swim in all the seas and learn what their names are. You will dive into the deepest places of the ocean, to which man has been forbidden to enter so far.

Montessori tool, which is intended for children of all ages. Learn geography in a fun way and expand your knowledge! Including Montessori control maps, ballpoint pens, sponges, and magnifiers to zoom in on details.

A blind map and then a control map with descriptions and the solution of the assigned tasks are simply attached to the background map of the A3 world. Layers can be arbitrarily stacked. Children can write notes directly into the atlas and then delete them.

Package contents

- a layer of mountains of the world

- a layer of the highest peaks of the world

- a layer of world deserts

- a layer of world rivers

- a layer of islands

- a layer of seas

+ control layers

+ additionally each layer contains tasks

- background map of the world

- observation magnifier made of solid paper

- erasable ballpoint pen

- Cloth for deleting unloaded tasks

Made in Czech Republic.

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