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Hats off! No labels, but in detail. They map the world to Hanulík from Bělá.
19. 4. 2021

Author Petr Krňávek

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, They wrote about us, We map the world

You need a lot of time and a lot of money to map the whole world.
Or you entrust the care of the creators of Mapping the World. Their transparent maps are truly unique and allow children to draw on them when exploring the world, Europe or the Czech Republic. 

And while some products offer only one large map without labels, you also get a set of control layers within the magnificent World Atlas. You can discover mountains, deserts or rivers in a fun way. However, the magic occurs when using a magnifying glass, which allows some layers to be separated, so you can better focus on some leaves.


, They wrote about us, We map the world

Listen to an interview about Mapping the World for Studio Olomouc  

Date and time of broadcast: 25. 2. 2021, 22:00

Author Magdalena Kubatkova

Interpreter: Magdalena Kubatkova, Zuzana Hanulikova, Ondrej Hanulik

Cycle: From regional studies

Show name: We map the world - Not just Montessori maps

On the website wrote about Mapping the World: 

The 'family business' category is one of the most important for the national economy. Family businesses are seldom for sale, don't expect a quick hunt for profits from family businesses, they usually follow the path of gradual but long-term sustainable growth. That's why they are so valuable. 

Zuzka and Ondra Hanulík founded one of them in the Jesenice region. They want to prove that the business goes from anywhere, especially today, when you only need an internet connection!

Both have been ardent Brontosaurs since their high school years. He believes in the potential of the region, which began to be built again in the last century, and yes, it is obvious, but it depends on everyone how they put their hand to the work. They took care of protected meadows, organized camps, put their hand to the work of repairing springs… and it can be said that they stayed because of the common hard work. 

Their journey led through their own children to Montessori pedagogy. Ondra, who studied cartography and geoinformatics, became a Montessori teacher in Vápenná, thus combining his know-how with the production of educational aids and maps. Zuzka again used her marketing knowledge from the studies of the Business Academy in Jeseník and from studies at height and began to slowly build an e-shop. And so a family business was formed. In addition to large-format maps, Ondra and Zuzka also offer custom maps of the school and lots of teaching materials to download. 

They also collaborate with Eva Glabazňová from Unique geographical aids from the workshop of the Jesenice patriots, your school must have them.

, They wrote about us, We map the world
, They wrote about us, We map the world
You can also find a tip for our maps on the web  
, They wrote about us, We map the world
"We have a map of the world and the Czech Republic and also one atlas with an erasable marker. Children have a lot of work to do, they create map cards with information themselves ...
"With the Montessori map of the world, I like America on the right and, thanks to that, the huge body of water on Earth is clearly visible. And also a representation of submarine formations, faults, ditches, etc. So far, we have used the map to compare the size of land and water on the planet. We will also use it in the Montessori cosmic story of the origin of the Earth and life on Earth. "
“We use the world map in the classroom almost every day. For example, we addressed the water cycle in nature or the origin of some fruits and vegetables. The map is really very high quality, it is made of solid material. It hasn't been scratched at all in the time we've had it. Children can walk on it comfortably without shoes. I recommend."
“I like the map so much that it looks so plastic. Interesting workmanship and great for children that they can see another method of converting the surface of the ball into a plane than the more common one… ”
“… I have a map of the world and the Czech Republic from you. I've been looking for something similar for a long time. I am extremely satisfied and we play with children, for example: we like not only the Czechia. THANK YOU."
"The Montessori map of the world arrived in order, thank you very much. It's really very good! It looks plastic, I immediately had to run my hand over it, whether some places are raised or not ..."
, They wrote about us, We map the world
Romana Šavlíková
Klatovy kindergartens, after

"The boys worked with interest, some had the biggest problem with reading, but in cooperation they gave it. In the next work, we used an atlas, a map of the world and focused on the islands of the world, we also used your letters to complete. Then each of the pupils chose one island, about which he found out more information and various interesting things… The children then presented the information to each other. Some have even created a book about the island. ”
"Thank you very much for enriching our new school research room with a beautiful map thanks to your competition. I'm really looking forward to the end of online lessons, the children will return to school and we will be able to try it. It will definitely be used often. I teach history and the map of Europe We already have world politics from Montessori geomap and I really use it most of the time, I like that I can put these maps on the ground or on the table without any worries and, for example, we can store Montessori multi-component cards or try other activities on them. that he will also find employment at our school with colleagues in the first grade or in geography lessons. "
"As part of a trip around the world with CurioCity, children get to know one country, its culture and nature every month. I have been looking for a map for a long time, which will be part of the start-up package and in which children will find that country. From the Map of the World map, not only I am thrilled, but especially all the little travelers who set out on a new adventure with it every month. "