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,, We map the world

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,, We map the world


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Aid for the first and second three years, or for the first stage of elementary school. It contains over three hundred basic geographical terms that you…

2.470 CZK

Designed by Marie Montessori, the hemispheres are centered on the Pacific Ocean. As a result, children discover interesting relationships and connections.

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Detailed educational map with a detailed relief display, in which all mountains and rivers stand out. The map is really big, its size…

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A unique educational map of the world as we know it from geography textbooks. In teaching, teachers appreciate detailed representations of mountains and rivers, but…

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Discover geopolitical connections with children! Large educational map of the world with marked state borders. The map is suitable for telling the Great…

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,, We map the world
,, We map the world
,, We map the world
,, We map the world
,, We map the world

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The aids are made by Montessori teacher and physical geographer Ondra, who also makes other geographic aids and maps. We map the world.


Recording of an interview about Mapping the World for Studio Olomouc

Date and time of broadcast: 25. 2. 2021, 22:00

Author Magdalena Kubatkova

Interpreter: Magdalena Kubatkova, Zuzana Hanulikova, Ondrej Hanulik

Cycle: From regional studies

Show name: We map the world - Not just Montessori maps

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"We have a map of the world and the Czech Republic and also one atlas with an erasable marker. Children have a lot of work to do, they create map cards with information themselves ...
"With the Montessori map of the world, I like America on the right and, thanks to that, the huge body of water on Earth is clearly visible. And also a representation of submarine formations, faults, ditches, etc. So far, we have used the map to compare the size of land and water on the planet. We will also use it in the Montessori cosmic story of the origin of the Earth and life on Earth. "
“We use the world map in the classroom almost every day. For example, we addressed the water cycle in nature or the origin of some fruits and vegetables. The map is really very high quality, it is made of solid material. It hasn't been scratched at all in the time we've had it. Children can walk on it comfortably without shoes. I recommend."
“I like the map so much that it looks so plastic. Interesting workmanship and great for children that they can see another method of converting the surface of the ball into a plane than the more common one… ”